International Steel Statistics Bureau

Trade Enquiry System

Our Trade Enquiry System offers instant access to our online database of steel trade data. Our database consists of monthly import and export data for over sixty steel producing nations split by 6 digit Harmonised System (HS) tariff code. We have both volumes, as measured in tonnes, and values, which are CIF prices for imports and FOB prices for exports.
An annual subscription to the TES enables users to interrogate the database as and when required and the resulting table can be downloaded into excel for further use and analysis. It is also possible to acquire one-off downloaded reports using our pay-as-you-go system.
For further information about how our TES can assist you in analysing steel markets, please complete the form at the base of the page and an analyst here at ISSB will get back to you with further details. If you would like to use the pay-as-you go facility, please also follow the appropriate link.