International Steel Statistics Bureau

Tailored Reports

We offer tailored reports in excel that can cover any combination of product, country and timeframe.
As well as the main online database, we can also provide tailored reports on request. These reports can include data going back to 1988 for some countries and for the EU nations we have data based on the eight digit Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes. Reports can include any combination of countries, products and time frames and can produce data based on volumes and values. This high level of coverage also allows an accurate assessment of the trade flows for those countries where national trade data is not readily available and enables ISSB to map the world’s movements of steel and steelmaking raw materials such as iron ore, scrap and coal.
If you would like a quotation for a specific report, please enter your details on the form below and one of our analysts will get back to you. Alternatively, contact for bespoke tailored reports using any combination of parameters.