International Steel Statistics Bureau


For more in-depth analysis we provide publications covering various countries around the world.

ISSB produces several publications to suit different requirements. Analysis of trade data is vital to an understanding of market share or country analysis. So whether you want an overview covering many countries or a more detailed analysis of an individual country our publications can help provide this.
World Steel Statistics Monthly gives an overview of trade by 42 countries for 17 major product groups as well as some production data. It covers steel as well as raw materials.
World Steel Exports covers steel exports by 43 countries by 28 products by country of destination. There is an all qualities version as well as a stainless and alloy version.
International Steel Statistics covers detailed trade by 30 individual countries with production data where it is available. There is also a Summary Tables publication covering global trade.
UK Iron and Steel Industry Annual Statistics has 35 tables showing various aspects of the UK steel industry including production, raw material use, energy consumed, deliveries, stocks, exports and imports.
Guide to the classification of Steel Industry products in the EU Customs Tariff. This publication sets out the EU customs tariff in an easy to understand way aimed at allowing importers and exporters to identify the correct tariff code for their products.