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ISSB offers a wide range of publications and custom reports covering UK, European and Global trade in steel and raw materials.
The company maintains a comprehensive database of international trade in steel and steelmaking products. Any queries regarding any aspects of ISSB's trade data should be made to
Clients include companies within the industry; suppliers and consuming sectors; consultancies; financial and investment businesses; shipping companies; the European Commission and the UK Government. ISSB is also able to provide speakers to present analysis of latest statistical trends for national and international conferences and events. For more information, please contact or telephone the number at the top of this site. 

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Geographic Coverage and Product Categories
The company maintains a detailed database of the imports and exports of steel and steelmaking raw materials for more than 50 major steel producing nations, collectively accounting for 97% of global steel output.  This high level of coverage also allows an accurate assessment of the trade flows for those countries where national trade data is not readily available and enables ISSB to map the worlds movements of steel and steelmaking raw materials.
Please download our country and product guides for full details of our coverage:-
ISSB Country Guide
ISSB Product Guide
ISSB holds trade data at 6-digit HS tariff code level (and to 8-digit CN tariff code level for EU countries) and can analyse the international movements of steel and steelmaking raw materials using any combination of tariffs and any combination of countries.
About ISSB in Other Languages
钢铁统 /贸易统计
Statistiques du fer et acier; Statistiques du commerce  
Stahlstatistiken / Handelsstatistiken  
Ferro e acciaio statistiche / Statistiche sugli scambi commerciali 
Estatísticas de Ferro e Aço / Estatísticas de Comércio
ISSB предлагает широкий выбор публикаций и рапорты, покрывающих Великобританию, и европейскую и мировую торговлю сталью и сырьем
Hierro y del Acero Estadísticas / Estadísticas de Comercio
ISSB, İngiltere, Avrupa ve global demir-çelik ve hammadde ticaretine yönelik yayınlar ve özel araştırma konuları için hazırlanan raporlar sunmaktadır